Hamer Oration

The Hamer Family Fund sponsors an annual lecture on the theme of good government, in collaboration with the Centre for Public Policy at the University of Melbourne.

This particularly recognises the commitment of David Hamer, MHR for Isaacs for eight years and a Victorian Senator for another twelve. He was a great champion of the committee system in the Senate and an advocate of reform to the Westminster system, as outlined in his book 'Can Responsible Government Survive in Australia?'

The 2006 lecture was held in conjunction with the Australian Study of Parliament Group. From 2007 the Hamer Oration has been held in conjunction with the Centre for Public Policy, University of Melbourne.

2011 Associate Professor Larissa Behrendt'Under the Rader: Indigenous Governance'
2010 Professor Ross Garnaut'Climate Change, China Booms and Australia's Struggle in a Changing World'
2009 Professor David Karoly, Amanda McKenzie and Tim Colebatch'Fiddling While Australia Burns: Will This be History's Judgement of our Governments' Response to Climate Change?'
2008 No oration
2007 Hugh Mackay'Relaxed and Comfortable? Or Diminished and Disengaged?'
2006 Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate'Government Majority in the Senate: a Nail in the Coffin of Responsible Government?'
hamer oration